Listened to what I wanted, set up a budget up front and stuck to it, and produced something better than what I could have envisioned.
— Ed Dykhuizen, Author
I’ve worked with Eric on many projects for clients in the Minneapolis/St. Paul market, across the United States, Europe and the Far East. As a business owner and Producer I hire Eric because I know with his skills as a Graphic Designer and Art Director my projects will be well thought out and designed. He has consistently exceeded the expectations of my clients. Eric always brings a fresh look, new ideas, and his brand of enthusiasm to our projects and is not afraid to push the limits of creativity to create memorable and effective designs. I highly recommend Eric for any graphic design project that looks to bring fresh creativity, professionalism and fun to the table. Just don’t hire him when I need him!
— John Empson, Broadcast & Design Group
Eric is someone I know I can rely on. Whether it’s sharing his valuable ideas regarding a marketing opportunity, producing high quality design work on short notice or ensuring that everything we produce stays within brand, he’s someone I know I can rely on. In advertising, there is nothing more valuable than having a team member that you can rely on.
— Brent Meyer, Project Manager