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Bunker Hill Covered Bridge

Bunker Hill Covered Bridge is a county park located in Catawba County, North Carolina. Built in 1895, it’s one of two remaining covered bridges left in the state. 

This was my last stop in North Carolina. I arrived just after sunrise. The light at that time of morning is beautiful.And I loved the way it played with the colors in the wood. 

Wrightsville Beach, NC: At Sunset

Wrightsville Beach was a nice end to a nice day. The evening light was amazing. Our hotel was on the beach and we kept the balcony door open just a crack so we could hear the waves crash during the night. Even though it was fairly chilly, it might have been one of the nicest nights we’d had at the beach.

Wrightsville Beach, NC: Johnny Mercer's Concrete Pier

This is not the original pier. That one was wooden and destroyed in a hurricane. Twice. Once in the 50s by Hurricane Hazel and once in 1996 by Hurricane Fran. This concrete one should prove much more durable.

Wrightsville Beach, NC: Johnny Mercer's Pier

One of the attractions at Wrightsville Beach is Jonny Mercer’s Pier. It’s named after one of it’s former owners, Johnny Mercer (not the singer). It seems he bought it in the late 1930s and owned it until he died. 

We got there about sunset. Perfect time for photos.


Atlanta: Midtown Sunset

The fact that it rained a good portion of the time we were in Atlanta had one pretty cool benefit. When the sun was out at sunset, the sunsets were amazing.

Louisville, KY: Clark Memorial Bridge

So, I’m in Kentucky. The river here is the mighty Ohio River. Across the river is Indiana. 

The bridge above me is the George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge (also known as the Second Street Bridge according to Wikipedia) named for a Revolutionary War general, Louisville resident and older brother of William Clark of Lewis and Clark fame.

It’s was also pretty in the light of the setting sun.

Louisville, KY: Floodwall Gate

Welcome to Louisville, Kentucky. Well, if you crawled out of the Ohio River right at 2nd Street this would be your welcome. The bridge above you leads to Indiana. The metal gate off to the side is to shut you out if you happen to be flood water. The River walk at sunset is really pretty.

Pensacola Beach: Sunrise

This is the final sunrise photo from Pensacola Beach. I promise. But The color and light were so pretty I had to share.

Pensacola Beach: Sunrise and Seabird

The sun just came above the horizon. There might be two or three minutes of really pretty light left before the full sun comes up and it becomes much less interesting to shoot into the sun. This bird just flew in at the last second. I’m glad he did. I love sea birds more than I love the water.

Pensacola Beach: Just before Sunrise

I’ve taken photos for a long time, I work in Photoshop for a living, but it still amazes me how dramatically the light and colors can change depending on where you are exposing for.

Pensacola Beach: Sunrise below clouds

We traveled around Florida for a week. Down one side and back up the other. We got to see a beach sunrise on the first and the last day there. It was quite a way to bookend the trip.

Gulf Islands National Seashore: Sunset

It was getting late by the time we drove through Gulf Islands National Seashore on our way to Pensacola Beach, our final stop for the night before heading back home. It’s not dark enough, of course to go walk out on the beach and take in the ocean for a last few minutes before meeting up with some friends for supper.

This is the sun setting over the grass covered dunes that are mostly blocking our view of the water.

Key West: Sunset Celebration

This was taken while I attended the nightly Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square in Key West. At first I wondered why any place would have a nightly celebration of something that happens every night. But honestly, if the sunsets where I live were this nice, I’d celebrate every night as well. The Celebration itslef was pretty cool. There were a ton of art vendors, street performers, a mojito truck and more.

I watched the sunset, I viewed the art, I watched a performer (and his dog) and I drank a mojito. All in all a very nice way to end the day.

Key West: North Shore Sunset

So I turned around after I took the last photo and there was this. The resort had no beach, as I’ve reported previously, but there was a nice little sunset pier. You wouldn’t think the powerlines and all that would be pretty but as you can see apparently everything is pretty in paradise.

Key West: Resort at Sunset

Hey look. I’m one of those resort people. No beach because there is no natural beach on Key West. I found that odd. Anyway, it was a great place to stay. If you get the opportunity, the Parrot Key Resort is really pretty and had very, very nice rooms.

Cocoa Beach Sunset

I told you there would be more of these. This one is 10 hours and 70 miles down the beach from the last sunrise I showed you. Since we were leaving to go south after leaving Kennedy Space Center, I felt the need to visit that astronaut playground of old. Cocoa Beach. Looked like any other small town on the ocean, but it felt special to me. And it gave my wife another look at the ocean before we left it to travel to Miami for the night.