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Atlanta: Georgia Aquarium: Bullfrog

I guess I never thought about how different various frog species looked from one another until I saw the traveling exhibit: Frogs - A Chorus of Colors at the Atlanta Aquarium. There were frogs that looked like monkeys. There were frogs that looked like lilly pads. Frogs that were red, orange, green and blue, there were frogs of every hue.

This is a Bullfrog. 

Atlanta: Georgia Aquarium: Lions Mane Jelly

I’ve always thought this particular species of jelly looked a bit like th inside of something else. But, even if I wasn’t as facinated as my wife was, they photograph nicely due to the lighting they put in those tanks.

Atlanta: Georgia Aquarium: Orange Fish

I’m sorry to say I have no idea what kind of fish this is. Not even a google search cross referenced with the animal list at the aquarium lead to any results. So I’ll just call this: Orange Fish.

Atlanta: Georgia Aquarium

The other thing that lives in Pemberton Place is the Georgia Aquarium. This was an amazing place. Very possibly the best aquarium I’ve visited. Whale Sharks; Beluga Whales; Fish of all shapes, sizes and textures. When I go back to Atlanta, I’m definately going back. 

Gulfport, Mississippi: Goodbye Gulf Coast!

I didn’t just take pictures of the human prints. From here we turned our eyes north. A bit sad, a day early. But being February, a surprise snowstorm had appeared to hit Minnesota right about the time we were supposed to be arriving home. So we left early.

Stupid snow, even down where it doesn’t happen, it can still mess with travel.

New Orleans: Audubon Aquarium of the Americas: Clown Fish

One of the very cool places I visited in New Orleans was the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. It’s located at teh edge of the French Quarter along the river. We had fun looking at the fish and animals and spending time with the friends we were visiting.

New Orleans: City Park: Swan

Would you can believe it? Even though this site has swan in the name this is the first swan image that I’ve ever posted. This one and it’s mate were swimming around in one of City Park’s many ponds. They were also eating this wooden timber. That struck me as odd as I couldn’t think of a single reason they should be doing so.

In any case, they were close, pretty and this one is even a bit yellow.

New Orleans: City Park: Great Egret

I saw a lot of birds wandering around in City Park. I saw ducks, geese, swans, muscovy ducks, and egrets. Like this guy who is wading in one of the many lakes/ponds/streams that are in the park.

I like birds.

Rocky Mountain National Park: Mule Deer

On our last morning in Estes Park, we felt like we needed to go into the Park one last time. Sitting right across the driveway from the one open entrance station was this mule deer. He was happily munching while we talked to the ranger. 

Even growing up where deer were plentifully underfoot, I don’t normally see them this close. (And not this kind either.)

Estes Park, Colorado: Young Male Elk Walking

He’s pretty much gone past me now. He followed the shoreline, I stayed away well back on the shore. After he went up the trail I had come down, I followed and got the hell out of there.

Estes Park, Colorado: Young Male Elk Walking out of Water

While I still admit this was stupid, by this point I was pretty sure he wasn’t going to be coming near me. He noticed me, I know that because he was nervous. He had a destination in mind though. That’s right: the ladies. And I knew enough to not get between him and them. 

Estes Park, Colorado: Young Male Elk Walking in Water

I really didn’t get any smarter once he got closer. But at least I did have a long zoom. There is no way I wanted to get close to a young male elk when mating season was coming on.

He was really pretty though. Can I say that about a boy?

Estes Park, Colorado: Young Male Elk Swimming

We left the golf course and followed a family down a path into some trees. It didn’t look like much, but I’d hoped to see some birds I could photograph. I was wrong. There may have been birds, but I didn’t notice them. Instead I noticed this young elk swimming across the water toward me. 

Right at me. Having read the signs about aggression, this was one of those times that I realized I was taking a stupid risk to get a photo.