Rocketdyne. One of those names that to a kid growing up reading as much space history as he could was almost mythical. That it was basically just a factory, like the one my dad worked in, never occured to me. They made rocket engines. That was enough to solidify them as worthy of awe in my mind. 

Seeing the name on this little metal plate brought back just the littlest hint of those feelings from when I was a kid. As I was processing this photo I took a minute to Google the address on there. It’s a Pratt & Whitney building now. Pratt & Whitney owns Rocketdyne and is a major producer of jet engines, though they also made the engines that powered the Space Shuttle. But the address is just that. An address. It’s a place to work for normal people. There’s a Best Buy next door according to Google. And a mall across the street. Can’t get further from awe-inspiring than that.