These are sanderling footprints running off into the distance. The bird was there, but he isn’t any longer. It’s a good photo to stop on.

I was in Florida. Thanksgiving of last year. This has been my longest series of photos ever. It took almost a year to get through. If you’ve been here the whole time, I know you probably think there was some padding. But every photo I posted meant something to me. It brought back a memory or a story that needed to be shared. Or maybe I just thoguh it was pretty. Until I went on my most recent vacation, I thought that the Florida trip was the best vacation I’d ever been on. 

I went into he trip not thinking that I would like Florida. I went because my wife wanted to go and I could knock three National Parks off of my bucket list. I learned something about my wife and I. She is meant to be near the ocean. I am meant to be near her. This trip that you’ve been shown has been a turning point in our lives. When I move next, it will be to somewhere that is within driving distance to the ocean. And not just the ocean, but a semei-torpical ocean like we saw here. It really made an impact on this boy from the Midwest.

Maybe someday you’ll be seeing photos from somewhere completely different because I’ll no longer be visitng there for fun, but will be living there and travelling other places for vaction. I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip as much as I have. Next stop: Kentucky.