Good Morning Campers! I can promise you that this is going to be a lovely day. Except that this isn’t daybreak, by the height of the sun that was a couple hours ago. This isn’t camp, it’s a war. And as such it probably is going to be a really crappy day. Other than that I hope you enjoy yourself.

So what’s going on here? I looked at this with an exposure adjustment (it’s thumbnailed at left) and it looks like the roofline might be a sleeping quarters. The horn looking thing in the corner is a loudspeaker and it is sitting on what might be a large projector screen, which happens to have a stage in front of it. Movie night? In front of that is a single chair and then behind that is a set of bleachers. All in all a very strange setup from the distance of 41 years.

It’s funny. Technically everything about this photo is wrong. But because of what is is of and when and where it was taken, it is so interesting in spite of that.