Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River

I love this picture. My wife had twisted her ankle the day before we took this hike. She had been planning to take this hike for most of the time we had been planning our trip. to finish the trip to the falls you take 328 steps down to a platform where you can get a very close up view. I didn't think she woul dmake it so I listened to her and went on ahead. I stopped every so often to take an image, one of which was this. I was only about halfway down at this point and hadn't thought I'd take a picture of part of the falls, but I loved the composition. When I got to the bottom, I waited for a while. I had given up hope that she would make it since I knew she was in pain. As I was turning to start back up, there she was. Full of determination. Fought through the pain. Her stubborness might have hurt her ankle later, but right then it made her spirit happy. She looked beautiful for that. This was one of the best shots I took on that hike and it reminds me of her. Sometimes when you look up, there is beauty when you least expect it and for that you should be happy.