replaced the RAM in my wife's laptop the other day. I've been meaning to take photos of it since then. Tonight I took the photos, but had the urge to add a little to the image. In this image a re five layers with different blending modes selected. The bottom layer is the RAM stick with a steeper angle. It can be seen behind the main RAM stick as a green line of color. On top of that is the RAM stick you see. I set that to luminosity. I also ran the sharpen filter on it then faded that to about 50%. Above that I have a photo filter adjustment layer to add a green tint to it. On top of that I have two versions of the same texture image set to overlay. I gave the top one a Gaussian blur and reduced the opacity on the bottom one to about 30 percent. Overall I'm happy with the result. It helps that the original images were interesting to begin with.

Old technology, just as fun to photograph as new technology, it just cost less... and probably doesn't work