I haven't pimped the gallery in a while and honestly the photo blog was first started as a way to drive traffic there. But then I realized that I liked doing the blog and it has become my favorite part of the site. And speaking of which, I just realized I need to update the gallery. I've taken a bunch of really good images for the blog that need to be added there for sale. Anyway. This is a picture taken in the Coyote Buttes Section of the Paria Canyon/Vermilion Cliffs National Wilderness Area. It is the best known secret along the Arizona Utah border. You may not have been there, but you've seen the images. Every photographer wants to take it's picture when they are in the area. I did, but I think one of my favorites is this black and white one. Which is odd since the area's color is what draws the photographers. This way though you can see past that and into the textures that are involved, the shadows. So Enjoy. And go see the other stuff there too. Just click on the gallery button above.