It strikes me as odd how the sale fliers all have  sales on roses this time of year. I've always thought that the point of roses was that they were expensive but not an investment. They showed how much you cared because you would spend the money on something frivolous for her. Personally, I've only bought flowers on Valentine's Day once. My wife was not yet my wife and I wanted to impress her. But I forgot that she was an accountant. She wondered why I would spend my hard earned money on something that was just going to die anyway. So I don't buy flowers anymore. Not on Valentine's Day. I sometimes think she might like to take that back. I try to make p for it in other ways though. Mainly by being a good loving husband.

But if you do buy flowers... buy them from the grocery store $19.99 is about all you'd want to spend on 12 dead plants. I mean you'd pay $80 at a florist this time of year.