Yes, this is an Apple mouse. An old one. No pretense of two buttons that are really one, but might not actually be any.  Just one button that is the entire shell. Now unlike many people I don't really consider this a good or bad thing. If spending my own money I by a small wireless notebook mouse. That's one thing I like about the Apple ones. The size.

Photographing the mouse was tricky, the photo in my head was to be only the light of the mouse illuminating. Well, that didn't work out. It left the entire top half in the dark.  But luckily there was a large stable mouse that I could just sit on its side and use to  illuminate the top, this way the color was still mouse light red. That large stable one was my old Microsoft mouse. I gave it up for a wireless a long while back and haven't used it for much since. But it makes a great light source. Sits on its side like nothing. put it just out of the frame and you have a nice, if dim, illumination. Use a longer exposure, a couple seconds, and you're good. a great mouse photo.