So at one point I was a sculptor. And a potter. This is sort of a mixture or the two disciplines. It is a carved clay piece that was created in a ceramics class. Could have been better with a bit more realism, but I didn't really like the class. It was more about fitting the instructors model of good than about making something you liked. I decided to tweak the nose of all the artsy folk in the class by being a bit literal with the assignment of an "organic form." I was actually being docked for that until the instructor piped up with the realization that since abstract organic forms are mimicking the forms of nature, that the more realistic forms of nature should count as well. For supposedly smart, enlightened folk, I went to school with a bunch of idiots. But they meant well. I mean they were going to save the world with art. Whereas all I wanted to do was make money from it. Neither of us has succeeded so far.