Mini Whiskey Bottles

I once wrote a blog post on my other site about making decorative lights out of mini whiskey bottles. I ran across this image from the shoot for that post today and thought I'd post it. I like it. You can read about the project here: - Whiskey Party Lights

Voyageurs National Park: Park Sign for Boaters

An interesting part of the park being mostly lakes is that they need to have the Visitor Center signs not just on the roads, but also on the lakes. Ordinarily there would be a dock near here. It was well under water while I visited.

And so there’s Voyageurs National Park as photgraphed in mostly wet and rainy conditions. I hope to get back when the weather is nice. But even if it isn’t nice, it’s nature and nature is almost never perfect.

Voyageurs National Park: Plant in a Rock

Nature is cool. Even where you wouldn’t expect it, life takes root. Literally in this case. There’s a tiny bit of dirt in a crack, some water and a seed. Soon there is a plant. Of course, come winter it will die and decompose to become a little more dirt. Water will get into that crack and force it open a little more when it freezes to ice. And it get’s just a little easier for next year’s seed to grow. 

Voyageurs National Park: Wild Flower on the shore

As we wandered down to the sign from the Visitor Center, I noticed a lot of small details that I might not have had the weather been perfect. Even if the sky wasn’t picture perfect, the flowers had nice and even lighting. So there were still opportunities for photos.

Voyageurs National Park: Shoreline and Park Sign

After a while, we gave up waiting for the weather to clear up. It wasn’t going to. So we visited the visitorcenters. There are three in the park. This is the view from the Ash River Visitor Center. It’s an old log cabin that has a trail down to the lake. 

Voyageurs National Park: Resort Old Wooden Shed


The cabin I was staying in was right in the trees. So close that if you sat on the deck, when it wasn’t raining, you’d see this old wooden shed. It was old, had moss growing on it and looked like it might be just about to fall over. I don’t think it was being used since there wasn’t really a path to it. 

My guess is that it’s about to be reclaimed by nature. Kinda glad I got to see it.

Voyageurs National Park: Hiking through the pines


All trails lead somewhere. I basically have a compultion to find out where they go. I figure that a path exists because enough people want to walk there to create it. I need to find out what they were so interested in.

Voyageurs National Park: sunlight on a rock


On the rare occasions that the sun came out, I tried to get out and experience the park. Out in the distance is Lake Kabetogama. In the foreground is a rock covered in pine needles. All around the light is beautiful.

Voyageurs National Park: Resort Wooden Path


The lake was flooding. Docks that should have been above water were either straining their ropes or sunk. Rocky outcrops that were feet above the waterline normally were underwater or very close. Resort owners were hurting because people were cancelling and the forcast only held more rain.

This is when I decided to visit. Thank goodness for this walkway because I would have been very wet going to breakfast or for a beer at the resort office. I look forward to going back and visiting during normal weather because even this time it was pretty and interesting. 

Voyageurs National Park: Lake Kabetogama


There are other things to see in Voyageurs National Park besides the Rock Garden. Unfortunately for me, it clouded up as we left the garden and pretty much stayed that way until we left. A lot of rain and flooding meant few opportunities for photos, but I managed to get a few in between the rain drops.

Voyageurs National Park: Ellsworth Rock Garden: Pool


Very small streams dripping into very small pools. Which run into larger streams. Which run into lakes. And then into rivers. Back into lakes. More rivers. Then into Hudson Bay. 

(A partially complete list of how this drop may make it into the ocean is: Kabetogama Lake, Rainy Lake, Rainy River, Lake of the Woods, Winnipeg River, Lake Winnipeg, Nelson River, and Hudson Bay. Fun fact: by an odd coincidence the distance this drop might travel is almost exactly the same as the distance a drop that falls 130 miles away into Lake Itasca might take down the length of the Mississippi River.)

Voyageurs National Park: Ellsworth Rock Garden: Stream


As one might guess for a park built around a water “highway” that French trappers used to reach the interior of the continent, there is a lot of water in this particular National Park. I’m not sure how wet this part of the park normally is, as this was a wet summer, but there were a lot of pools and streams in the Rock Garden.

Voyageurs National Park: Ellsworth Rock Garden: Head Sculpture


The Rock Garden is the work of Jack Ellsworth who spent twenty years creating terraced flower beds and things like this: unique sculptures. Many of which only barely suggest what they were supposed to be. I’m calling this one a head. Not sure if it was intended to be that.