IPR branding expansion 2011

The Institute of Production and Recording needed a new viewbook. Their current branding language didn’t contain enough flexibility to make an entire book. I developed a new branding language including expanded color palettes and design elements. It needed to fit with current and past branding elements as well as their new website

The first step was to develop their new viewbook. As the one piece of marketing that every prospective student would receive, this had to be a show-stopper of a piece. Because this is a high tech school, the need was there to portray the quality of the school in the look and feel of the book. A foil and embossed cover held on with rivets provided the tactile feel that would be reminiscent of the hands on learning the student could expect.

The second step was to introduce the new brand to the collateral elements that prospective students would receive. Brochures, sell sheets and post cards among others.

You can't get new students without advertising. Though IPR was very well known in local music circles, there is still a need to stay top of mind. The above ads ran in publications that catered to the same young creative demographic as the school. But, advertising no longer takes place just in publications. Digital advertisements target prospective students online.

Another place that colleges introduce themselves to prospective students is at college fairs. The booth needs to be easily portable, but still show who you are. Below is a small (7' tall) retractable banner that could be placed at the sides of the table or behind depending on the size of the booth.