logo: Infinity Point Productions

Circa: 2016

This client was looking to start his own photo and video business. He'd done a little freelance along the way and was ready to strike out on his own. His primary was action and outdoor photography. He was using the name Infinity Point Photography and was looking for a logo that would encompass the idea of the infinity point. The infinity point is that far distant point in a photograph or painting where perspective makes parallel lines look as if they meet. 

In this case, I presented him with four design options. The above was the one that was chosen. In this case, I wanted to not only show the literal depiction, but also reinforce the name to those who might not be versed in what that term means. I chose to replace the N in Infinity with an infinity symbol and I chose to add an actual point to the center of the O in Point. The mountains and road represented the outdoor photography and the slanted letterforms the speed of action photography.