logo: Heirloom Classic Games

Circa: 2015

Logo for an online store specializing in classic strategy game sets (such as chess, backgammon, go, etc) created using luxury materials such as alabaster, steel, marble, etc. I wanted to create a mark that would represent both the games and the company. 

For me, the Knight has always been the first piece that came to mind when the subject of chess was brought up. It often contains the most detailed sculpting and has the most most unusual movement in the game. It also has the most striking, interesting and generally recognizable silhouette in the game. In this case the two knights represent the opposing players in a game of chess. They are placed inside a classic pedestal to represent the sort of luxury embodied in the game boards sold. The two Knights and the pedestal also work together to form an H which would represent the company even if the word mark was removed.

There were four versions of the logo created to fit various usages.

The standard version of the logo is the name stacked next to the mark.

Since this is a primarily internet-based business, there may be a need for the logo to be used in a banner on the top of a page. As such, I created a one-line horizontal version.

Of course, there are often future uses that you can't anticipate at the moment you commission a logo so I delivered a three-line stacked version as well.

And if the company were to take off to the point that branded games were produced, then a version containing just the mark might be useful as well.