digital magazine app: Connections

Circa: 2014

For four years, I was in charge of putting together Globe University's quarterly magazine. Recently, in order to cut costs, we used the Mag+ platform to explore going digital with it. It would be a 90% savings over print. This was the working design prototype. 

One of the problems I discovered is that with an older, nontraditional student population for an audience, they might not know how to use the app. After toying with the idea of an initailly visible popup, I discarded that idea as possibly being too annoying for repeat users. I instead decided on a simple "Slide to Begin." leading into a "how to" slide.

How to use the app. If the user follows the instructions onscreen (double tap to reveal more), they will be rewarded with an easter egg. Something fun to add a tiny bit of joy to the experience.

Simple design allowing the content to stand up front. Slide up to reveal the rest of the content.

Photos can be locked to the background or inline. 

Sometimes I want the image to start to tell the story before the copy

If you place everything correctly, the image will still impress as you pull up the story.

The most interesting part of making the magazine digital is that I could showcase some of the very good video content my colleagues created.

This particular school is located in the heart of Downtown Minneapolis. It is a big selling point for students who come here from out of town. It makes sense to showcase the vibrancy.

In addition to the story content, each of the popup showcase a different selling point of life in Minneapolis.

At any point in the book, just tap the screen to bring up the navigation.

And of course, if you aren't yet a student, there are plenty of times to just tap and learn more about becoming one