BEAU branded materials

Circa: 2012-2014

One of the 6 brands I was responsible for while working my most recent corporate job was BEAU. An art school specializing in Visual and Entertainment arts. The interesting thing about working on the BEAU brand was that you had access to 6 different brand colors whose usage was chosen based on what worked best for each media. Some colors pop on screen, but become muted with little contrast when printed.

I had the opportunity to design a few train wraps while working with this brand. This was my favorite.

The above is a selection of newspaper ads in the colors that worked best for that medium. Newspapers tend to print gray so you need to make sure the colors you use are the highest contrast colors you have to work with.

While black and white photos were integral to the branding of BEAU, those needed to be paired with swaths of bold color in order to not be stodgy. Above is a logo folder and a couple of sell sheets that could be used in it.

Billboards are another place to choose your highest contrast color schemes. When your target is driving down the freeway at 70 miles per hour and surrounded by traffic, you need to make sure that you capture their attention quickly allowing them to get back to driving safely. 

College pride is not unusual for people that enjoy what they are learning. These stickers were produced to provide students with the opportunity to do a little guerrilla marketing and show school pride by sticking them to their laptop, notebook or anywhere else people might see them. And if they got out into the community? Even better. 

This poster was hung out in the community and had a pad of cards you could fill out for more information on the school.